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I can see the self esteem at my feet

Today...ahhh such a boring hot as hell day. I did nothing really today. I went up to school to pay my tuition and add a class. Ugh, I hate that shit ass school, its just like being in high school. Anyway, I really wanted to get in to Plattsburgh for the spring but I doubt that will happen. I have to go up and look at the school first before I commit to going there, but I have like no time to go. School starts on the 4th and I dont have a break from school until December, which ultimately means that I wont be able to get in for spring...sucks friggin ass. I'm trying to work as much as I can before school starts so I can have the money until I find a new job. Ugh, the only thing that sucks about the Adelphi is that they close for the winter. Thats probably how they can afford to pay $12/hr. Oh well who the hell cares. Man, I have no time for anything. I wanted to go and see Chris sometime this friggin century but I have no idea when thats going to happen now that school is starting. Stupid school. Heh. Oh well I have to go to shit ass work tomorrow morning so I better go to bed now......Zzzzzz
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